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About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Technion, under the advisory of Prof. Idit Keidar.

My research spans operating systems, system security, machine learning and distributed systems. I like building things, especially systems that combine knowledge from multiple domains and have strong reasons for why they should work.
I'm interested in almost everything; systems and theory (though I don't do theory); easily intrigued; and always willing to learn new things.

Alongside the Ph.D., I am the CTO and Haifa branch manager of OneDay Social Volunteering. You are all more than welcome to join our Facebook group and get updated about our latest activities.


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Noam Shalev, Idit Keidar, Yaron Weinsberg, Yosef Moatti, Elad Ben-Yehuda. Published in SOSP 2017.

ACM DL Author-ize service CSR: Core Surprise Removal in Commodity Operating Systems.   [Presentation]   [BibTeX]
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Core Surprise Removal (CSR) in Commodity Operating Systems.
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GPGPU Memory Characterization: A Cross-Platform Quantitative Study.   [Presentation]
Noam Shalev, Adi Fuchs, Avi Mendelson. Published in CATC 2013.

Ongoing Research

Soft Errors Recovery Using Core Surprise Removal.

In this work we deal with the challenge of soft-errors in modern processors. Radiation-induced soft errors have emerged as a key challenge in computer system design. Exponentially increasing transistor counts will drive per-chip fault rates correspondingly higher unless new technologies are employed. The prevailing view is that if our industry is to continue to provide customers with the level of reliability they expect, system designers must address this challenge directly. Currently, a single soft-error in one of the cores on a thousand core machine might bring down the whole system. In this work we propose using core surprise removal as a technique for overcoming chip-originated unrecoverable soft errors. We implement our proposed technique in the Linux kernel and evaluate our implementation on a real system and on a virtualized environment. We show that by adding only 50 lines of kernel code, our system became soft error tolerant.

This research is done with the collaboration of Dr. Yaron Weinsberg (IBM) under the supervision of my advisor Prof. Idit Keidar.

Binary Similarities Using Deep Learning.

We address the problem of finding similar procedures in stripped binaries, which can be applied to find various prominent vulnerabilities across compilers and versions. We use published vulnerabilities along with openĀ­source code (e.g., coreutils), and create binaries DB by compiling the code in various ways (e.g., different compilers, different compiler versions, etc..). We wish to find a way to represent fragments of the code as vectors, and use neural networks to learn these fragments as in word similarity. We will evaluate our result by comparing it to current state of the art algorithms that solve binary similarity search.

This research is done with the collaboration of Dr. Nimrod Partush and Dr. Kira Radinsky.


Current Teaching

  • TA in charge of Operating Systems Lab    (ee046210)
  • Lab instructor for "Parallel Programming in Java"


  • TA in charge of Design and Analysis of Algorithms     (ee046002)
  • TA in charge of Operating Systems' Principles      (ee046209)
  • TA in charge of Principles of Reliable Distributed Systems     (ee046272)

Undergraduate Projects

I am a project supervisor at the NSSL Lab, EE Technion.
I instruct projects in Operating Systems, System Security, Parallel Programming, Image Processing and Android.
You are welcome to email me anytime and ask for available projects.

Available Projects

Ongoing Projects

    Since I'm about to graduate, I won't supervise any new projects in the spring semester :)

Previous Projects

  • Social Volunteering Android Application, Spring 2017.
  • Social Volunteering WebApp, Spring 2017.
  • Monitored File-System, Spring 2017.
  • SGX Exploration, Spring 2016.    [Blog] [GitHub]
  • Clustering and Confining IT Missions, Spring 2016.
  • Shared Host-Container Filesystem Namespace, Winter 2015.
  • On-Demand Host-Container File-System Sharing, Winter 2015.     [Book] [GitHub]
  • Improving Linux Load Balancer, Winter 2015.
  • Android Thumb-Click, Spring 2015.     [Book]
  • Tolerating Soft-Errors in Linux, Spring 2015
  • Using Hardware Transactional Memory For Reliability, Spring 2014     [Presentation]
    ***Kasher Prize Winner 2015***
  • Rescue Services Android Application, Spring 2014
  • Code-Product Trade Server, Spring 2014
  • Resource Aware OS-Scheduler, Winter 2013
  • Parallel Image Processing in Android, Winter 2013
  • Performance Monitors Analysis tool, Winter 2012
  • Real-Time LPR for Smartphones, Summer 2012

Contact Info


Meyer 1234, EE Faculty
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Phone: +972-4-8295927